‘The highest rating in the team and the transfer to Manchester United’… Lee Kang-in, ‘the name’ that shines despite the team’s complete defeat, Mallorca lost 0-3 to Almeria

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There is a name that shines even in the team’s complete defeat. This is Lee Kang-in (Mallorca).

Mallorca lost 0-3 in the match against Almeria in the 35th round of the Spanish Primera Liga in the 2022-23 season at the Power Horse Stadium in Almeria, Spain on the 21st (Korean time). Almeria’s Lazaru scored a hat-trick and collapsed.

Mallorca, with 44 points, remained in 12th place, while Almeria, with 39 points, rose from 16th to 14th.

Lee Kang-in started as a left striker and was substituted out in the 25th minute of the second half. There were no goals and no help, but Lee Kang-in led Mallorca’s attack with his unique sharp movements. He showed off Mallorca’s ace dignity by successfully dribbling 8 times.

This is the reason why the team recorded the highest rating even in the team’s complete defeat. After the match, soccer record site Footmob gave Lee Kang-in the highest score of 7.9 among Majorca players. Of course, the highest score among both teams was Lazaru, who scored the hat trick.

And local media in Spain reported that Manchester United of the English Premier League also participated in the recruitment of Lee Kang-in, who is performing the best. Lee Kang-in is recognized as a top player in La Liga, recording 6 goals and 5 assists this season.토토사이트

In the meantime, names such as Newcastle, Tottenham, Aston Villa, and West Ham, including Atletico Madrid, have been mentioned, and this is the first time that the name of Man United has come up. According to local media, it was revealed that Manchester United had inquired about the signing of Lee Kang-in from Mallorca.

Manchester United is an active team in recruiting Kim Min-jae (Napoli). With Lee Kang-in’s name being mentioned, it is Man Utd that is attracting more attention from Korean soccer fans.

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