The ‘influence’ of the duo outside the fastball, the ideal picture that KIA wants

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KIA Tigers newly formed two foreign pitchers. The ‘fastball duo’ Sean Anderson (29) and Adonis Medina (27) enter the tiger’s den. KIA looks higher with the foreigner duo.

KIA gave up renewing contracts with Sean Nolin and Thomas Panoni, who marked an ERA of 2 points last season. Nolin pitched in 21 games and recorded an ERA of 2.47 with an ERA of 8-8, while Panoni went 3-4 with a 2.72 ERA in 14 games.

It was a bold decision. Nolin and Panoni’s performance in the second half led the team to the postseason for the first time in three years. However, KIA wanted a one-two punch with a strong pitch. Nolin and Panoni were technicalists who put their precise control and game management skills at the forefront.

Nolin’s durability was also questioned. There is a history of being away for more than two months due to a calf muscle tear injury.

The new faces are ‘right-handed fireballers’ Anderson and Medina. It looks like Anderson will take on the ace duties. His main weapon is a powerful fastball that reaches a maximum speed of 154 km/h and a high-speed slider. In addition, he has a fast pitching tempo and excellent inning digestibility.

Medina also uses a fast ball over 150km/h and has excellent changeup power. In addition to this, he mixes various pitches such as sliders and curveballs. Here, the evaluation is that the composition is also stable.

Anderson and Medina’s style draws attention. He is a pitcher who throws fast balls of 150 km/h or more. KIA had only 14 wins with three foreign pitchers, including Ronnie Williams (3 wins), who packed up during last season. There were some matches where victory was not followed, but the overall performance was not satisfactory.  바카라사이트

This year, KIA is trying to show different results. We can expect double-digit multipliers from Anderson and Medina, whose strength is their overwhelming pitch. The existence of Yang Hyeon-jong and Lee Eui-ri, who will form a starting rotation with foreign pitchers, is also reassuring.

However, Anderson and Medina lack experience in selection. Anderson has appeared in 16 of his career 63 big league games as a starter, and in the minor leagues over the past three years (54 games, 15 starts), he has been primarily a bullpen pitcher.

Medina also has little experience as a starting pitcher in the major leagues (2 starts in 19 games), and has been steadily receiving starting lessons in the minor leagues, but this year, he only started 2 out of 18 games. 

The homework that Anderson and Medina need to solve is clear. As a starting pitcher, you need to get in shape to digest the full-time season. In addition, the key is to quickly adapt to the KBO league and the style of hitters. Let’s pay attention to Anderson and Medina to see if KIA’s foreign pitchers will be able to exert an influence unlike last year in the 2023 season.

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