‘The real Ronaldo FC?’ Ronaldo asks for Pepe… “more than just a friend”

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Cristiano Ronaldo (37, Al Nasr), who has taken on a new challenge in Saudi Arabia, dreams of reuniting with his old teammates.

Spanish media ‘Marca’ reported on the 6th (Korean time), “Ronaldo wants Al Nasr to sign Pepe (39, FC Porto).”

Ronaldo, who reunited with Manchester United after 12 years in 2021, broke up for the worst. He insisted on a team that could compete in the UEFA Champions League, and had frequent frictions with new coach Eric Ten Hag.

Ronaldo conducted an interview criticizing Manchester United ahead of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, and the controversy grew. In the end, Manchester United chose to break up with Ronaldo and put an end to their accompaniment.

After failing to receive an offer from a European team he deserved, Ronaldo received an offer from an Asian team. Al Nasr of Saudi Arabia. Ronaldo joined hands with Al-Nasr, who had a huge amount of capital, and went to the Asian stage, not Europe. 안전놀이터

Ronaldo, who is known to receive 200 million euros (approximately 268.3 billion won) for a contract period of 2 years and 6 months, has a significant position in the team. The American media ‘CBS Sports’ added the expression ‘Ronaldo FC’, saying, “If Ronaldo wants a new manager, he will have that right.”

It seems that this statement is not completely wrong. ‘Marca’ said, “Ronaldo wants to reunite with the players he played with. One of them is Pepe, who played with his team and the Portuguese national team.”

Central defender Pepe ate Ronaldo and rice at Real Madrid. In addition to the national team, he played eight seasons with Real Madrid and boasted an extraordinary teamwork.

The media explained their long-standing friendship, saying, “Ronaldo and Pepe played together in numerous matches. They were also in conflict with manager Jose Mourinho. They were also the center of the national team for 15 years.”

“Ronaldo and Pepe are more than just friends. Pepe will soon turn 40, but he proved he’s still going strong at the last World Cup.”

Al Nasr is also looking for additional big signings. The media said, “Al Nasr did not rule out additional scouting plans. They also showed interest in Sergio Ramos (36, Paris Saint-Germain) and Luka Modric (37, Real Madrid)” and reported plans to shake the transfer market.

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