Two games ‘3 goals, 2 assists’… Park Eun-sun is back!

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37-year-old veteran Park Eun-seon, a leading striker in Korean women’s soccer, announces a revival in the national team, and the coming 7 It raised expectations for the World Cup in March.

This is Reporter Lee Jeong-chan.


Park Eun-seon, who tasted an A-match goal for the first time in 9 years after playing as a substitute in the first evaluation match against Zambia last week, flew higher in the second match yesterday (11th) as a starter.카지노사이트

He calmly beat the goalkeeper and scored another goal with a header using his 182 cm tall height, breaking his own record for the highest score in an A match in four days.

Park Eun-sun, who even helped Lee Geum-min’s goal with a header pass and scored 3 goals and 2 assists in two games, turned the ball to her juniors.

[Park Eun-seon/Soccer team striker: I feel so good, I think I scored a goal easily because my pass or kick was so accurate (I think.)]

Park Eun-seon wore the Taegeuk mark 20 years ago, in 2003, at the age of 17, and has been playing women’s soccer. He made a name for himself as a leading striker, but since 2015, he has suffered injuries and sluggishness and has not been seen in the national team.

Park Eun-seon, who returned to the national team after seven years after being called by coach Colin Bell last year, finally spread her wings after tenaciously enduring Bell’s high-intensity training even at the age of 37.

[Colin Bell/Women’s soccer team coach: I want to protect (Park Eun-sun) like a flower in a greenhouse and take it out right before the World Cup.] [ Park

Eun-sun seems to have been resurrected.

] I am determined to give my all in the Australia-New Zealand competition in July, which could be a World Cup.

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