U-17 soccer team advances to quarterfinals… Yoon Do-young shines with both feet

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Once again, the U17s showed off their skills to secure a convincing victory. You can’t help but nod your head when Yoon Do-young, an aspiring left-footed specialist who has already begun to be recognized as a national ace, scored two goals with composure beyond his years.

Byun Sung-hwan’s South Korea Under-17 men’s national team won their second game of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) U-17 Asian Cup Group B 4-0 against Afghanistan at Pathum Thani Stadium in Pathum Thani, Thailand, at 9 p.m. (KST) on Monday to reach the quarterfinals early, regardless of the outcome of their third game against Iran.

Right winger Yoon Do-young scored a goal with both feet

The game began with a set-piece creation to start the winning streak. Midfielder Baek In-woo sent in a corner kick from the left corner, and defensive midfielder Lim Hyun-seop rose up from the other side to head in a goal (12:39).

Another goal followed shortly thereafter, and it was a moment that came with a bit of luck. After receiving an open pass on the left flank from captain’s armband-wearing goalkeeper Kim Myung-joon, left wing striker Yang Min-hyuk drove the ball into the center and fired a low right-footed mid-range shot that hit the right post for an own goal (23:37). The ball hit the legs of goalkeeper Mansur Nurzai, who was watching Yang Min-hyuk’s mid-range shot from just in front of the goal line, and rolled in.

Before the first half was over, our players added a third goal (33:29) to set the tone for the second half. This time, Yang Min-hyuk made a nice run down the left flank and sent a right-footed early cross to the front of the goal. The ball rolled past Kim Myung-joon and in front of Yoon Do-young. It was a very narrow space with the goalkeeper in front of him, but Yoon calmly slotted in a right-footed inside kick, which is his weakest foot.

Starting the second half, our players seemed to test various attacking methods with a more relaxed game operation, and Yoon Do-young’s wedge goal came at 53:16. Kim Myung-joon’s clever no-look through pass was a masterpiece, and Yoon easily rolled in a left-footed shot that caught the opposing goalkeeper off-guard. It looked easy, but the tricky movements and timing of the shot, which took advantage of the opposing goalkeeper and defenders’ movements, were praised as being at the level of the senior national team.토토사이트

Coach Byun Sung-hwan was so confident of victory that he actively utilized MF Jin Tae-ho, FW Lee Jae-hwan, MF Park Seung-soo, Cha Je-hoon, and DF Kim Yoo-gun as substitutes to give his core players, including Yang Min-hyuk, Kim Myung-joon, and Yoon Do-young, a little rest.

Our players will now play their third group game against Iran on Thursday, June 22 at 11 p.m. at the same venue.

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