‘Unresolved Charlotte’ Ubre, left hand injury … 4-6 weeks absence

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It’s not easy for the Charlotte Hornets to play this season.

According to reporter Shams Charania of 『The Athletic』, on the 4th (hereafter Korean time), Charlotte’s Kelly Oubre Jr. (forward-guard, 198cm, 92kg) was reported to be on the operating table.

Oubre suffered a torn ligament in her left hand. The injury will require her to undergo surgery and will miss at least 4 to 6 weeks. She was confirmed to have suffered an injury in the first week of this season, but her condition appears to have deteriorated and it is believed that she decided to have surgery at the end.

Oubre was injured in a home game against the Oklahoma City Thunder on the 30th (Korean time). On this day, he complained of pain and was excluded from the game, and has not returned since. He played as a starter without fail, but he played 13 minutes and 54 seconds due to an injury that day, and posted 6 points and 1 rebound. After today’s game, he has missed two games in a row and has missed three of his last four games.

He was also active as a major power during the last west expedition. He played the away game against the Portland Trail Blazers on the 27th, but was absent from the game against the Golden State Warriors on the 28th. He then started in a game against Oklahoma City, but ended up dropping out of the line midway through the game. As a result of a close examination, it is assumed that his left hand was not in good condition.

With Oubre missing, Charlotte also had an emergency to maintain power. Due to the departure of Ubre, who is leading the outer attack, the power has no choice but to weaken. Even the starting small forward, Gordon Hayward, is listed as injured on the day토토. Best of all, Hayward’s return could play a role coming off the bench, but his departure will force Charlotte to play without Oubre until at least early February.

He recorded 20.2 points (.421 .308 .714), 5.1 rebounds, 1.2 assists and 1.6 steals in 32.6 minutes per game in 35 games before the injury this season. Since his entry into the NBA, he has been playing the best of his career. Even until his last season, he mainly came and went between the starter and the bench, but last summer, Charlotte took over as the starter without re-signing with Miles Bridges.

Charlotte signed with Ouvre in the summer of 2021. He had a rather disappointing season at Golden State, but he had plenty of room to play for other teams. Charlotte gave Oubre a two-year, $24.6 million contract. The final year of his contract is partially guaranteed, but Charlotte will guarantee his salary this season. This season, he earns a salary of $12.6 million.

Meanwhile, Charlotte has been playing hard this season. Bridges, who was expected to renew the contract, failed as the contract caused controversy, and Lamelo Ball started this season late due to injury. As other reinforcements did not stand out, it is showing limitations. So far this season, they are in 14th place in the Eastern Conference with 10 wins and 28 losses.

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