‘Unstoppable’ Ulsan, opening 7 consecutive wins… ‘Blast’ War and Clash

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Ulsan, the leader of the K-League 1, will challenge for a 7-game winning streak after the opening.

Ulsan, which boasts the league’s best air defense ability, meets Daejeon, the protagonist of the promoted team.

This is reporter Cho Seong-heum.


Defending champion Ulsan is driving a strong wind with 6 consecutive wins since the opening.토토사이트

If you win Daejeon, you will set a ‘tying record’ for the most consecutive wins in the opening season.

The only teams to have won 7 consecutive victories since the opening were Suwon Samsung in 1998 and Seongnam in 2003.

Ulsan boasts an overwhelming power from the beginning of the season based on a stable air and defense balance.

With 13 goals, they rank second on the team in scoring, and their scoring routes are also diverse.

As many as 7 players scored goals, including ‘Swedish Special’ Rubiksson scoring 4 goals,

<Rubikson/Ulsan midfielder> “The part that changes according to the opposing team, rotates players and brings results is great. I think it does.”

The defense, led by Cho Hyeon-woo, the ‘K-League’s strongest gatekeeper’, concedes only 4 goals and is recording the least goals in the league.

The 4th place match that caused the promotion team blast is a formidable opponent.

They lost just once in six games, and finished as the league’s all-time top scorer with 14 goals.

On the other hand, their defense, which has conceded 11 goals, the second most in the league, is the biggest concern.

Just before suwon fc, we were reversed with 5 points and exposed weaknesses.

2nd place Pohang and 1 point difference 3rd place Seoul’s battle for 2nd place is also attracting attention.

In Pohang, where five of the team’s 10 goals were scored by substitutes in the second half, attention is focusing on whether coach Kim Ki-dong’s ‘tweezers replacement’ will hit again this time.

Seoul is facing the task of overcoming the aftermath of a penalty shootout loss to second division team Gimpo in the FA Cup.

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