‘What’s wrong with my head?’ Which long-haired closers did coach Seung Rak Son welcome with open arms?

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‘What’s wrong with my hair’ Sajik Baseball Stadium was in the middle of a Futures League All-Star Game. Kim Won-joong, a long-haired closer who made an unannounced appearance in the first base dugout used by the Southern League All-Star team, smiled broadly even as he held his head.

Kim Won-joong, the successor to Son Seung-rac, the Lotte Giants’ record holder for most saves, hugged his longtime mentor.

The 2023 Futures League All-Star Game was held at Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan on April 14. The game was divided into the North and South League All-Stars. In the middle of a fierce game, a surprise visitor arrived in the first base dugout: Lotte Giants closer Kim Won-joong. After giving manager Park Chi-wang a 90-degree salute, Kim ran into the arms of manager Son Seung-rak, who was right next to him.토토사이트

Son Seung-rak, who locked the Lotte Giants’ back door with 94 saves in four seasons from 2016 to 2019, has been coaching since his retirement. Kim Won-joong, who was the youngest pitcher at the top of his career, is now the next in line to succeed Son as the closer.

Kim Won-joong has 93 saves, one behind the franchise record of 94 set by Son Seung-rak at Lotte. He needs just two more saves in the second half of the season to surpass Son Seung-rak’s club record.

Son Seung-rak and Kim Won-joong were once seniors and juniors. Years later, Son Seung-rak, who is now the head coach of the KIA Tigers’ second team, looks back fondly on Kim Won-joong, who has grown into one of the league’s top closers.

He was interested in Kim Won-joong’s trademark long hair, which he hadn’t seen in a long time, and grabbed the top of his head and made a ‘what’s this’ gesture. Kim Wonjoong laughed at the warmth of the senior’s touch. Son Seung Rak then showed his affection by hugging Kim Won Joong once again.

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