Women’s walker Peres, 35km world record… 2 hours 37 minutes 15 seconds

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Spain’s Maria Pérez (27) set a new world record for women’s 35 km walk.

Pérez was the first to cross the finish line in 2 hours 37 minutes and 15 seconds in the women’s 35 km European Race Walking Team Championships 2023 held in Podevrady, Czech Republic on the 21st (Korean time). The previous record was 2 hours 37 minutes 44 seconds set by Kimberly Garcia (Peru) on March 25th. Pérez pulled her Garcia’s record by 29 seconds.

The 35km walk was first adopted as an official event at the World Championships last year at the World Championships in Athletics in Eugene. Previously, a 50 km warning was issued. However, as pointed out that ’50 km walks are too boring and few athletes complete them’, the World Athletics Federation eliminated the 50 km walks from the 2022 World Championships and adopted the 35 km walks as an official event.토토사이트

The men’s 50 km walk was adopted as an official event at the 2017 London event and was held until the 2019 Doha event. The 35km walk was also adopted as an official event at the Budapest World Championships in August this year. At the 2024 Paris Olympics, the ‘42.195km walk mixed relay’ will be held as an official event instead of the 35km walk.

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