Yoo Hyun-joo, who aims to advance to the regular tour, met a new ‘teacher’

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Park Min-ji, who holds the record for the most wins in KLPGA career, delivers the teachings of her teacher who has been with her for 10 years in SPOTV Golf&Health’s first original program, ‘Best Teachers in Korea’.

‘Best Teachers in Korea’, aired at 10:00 pm on the 12th, will showcase the special teaching methods of Korea’s best instructors selected by the global golf magazine Golf Digest.

The first series is the instructor Park Chang-joon’s ‘Hot Icon’ Yoo Hyeon-joo (Doosan Construction We’ve), KLPGA Tour ‘active most wins’ Park Min-ji (NH Investment & Securities), Lee Se-hee (COSBALL), Seo Eo-jin (DB Insurance), KPGA Tour Lee Jae-kyung (CJ OnStyle) and 14 other students’ training camp in the US will be revealed. ‘Best Teachers in Korea’ Park Chang-joon’s instructor episode will consist of a total of 8 episodes.토토사이트

The first player to be introduced is ‘Hot Icon’ Yoo Hyeon-joo, who has newly joined the instructor Park Chang-joon division.

Yoo Hyun-joo, who recently announced her goal of entering the regular tour, said, “I hope that a new perspective on golf will open up.” He said, “I can trust and rely on my potential and ability to maximize.” About the reason for joining Park Chang-joon’s team Explain. In this field training, instructor Park Chang-joon said about Yoo Hyeon-joo, “The short game has improved a lot,” and “I don’t worry about swing, but I focused on shots and control shots on the slope of the field.” What will be the special lesson method of tutor Park Chang-joon for Yoo Hyeon-joo, who dreams of a splendid resurrection, will be revealed on today’s broadcast.

Also, when it comes to teaching Park Chang-joon, Park Min-ji cannot be left out.

Park Min-ji revealed a long relationship with instructor Park Chang-joon for more than 10 years, saying, “I have been hitting with the swing I learned at the age of 14.” . In the Park Chang-joon Instructor series, you can also see the hole-in-one scene of Pro Park Min-ji, who broke during field training. In fact, Park Min-ji will show her feelings, “This is the first time since I did a hole-in-one in high school practice 8 years ago” and even bowing in front of a hole-in-one hole cup.

‘Best Teachers in Korea’, where you can see a variety of things to see, from special lesson know-how of Korea’s best teachers to the behind-the-scenes training of pro players sweating in preparation for the tour, starting today (Wednesday) with instructor Park Chang-joon, every Wednesday afternoon You can watch it on SPOTV Golf&Health at 10:00.

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