Yoon Jung-hwan, who grabbed the microphone and returned to the K-League, “It’s awkward as a commentator, but… Precious time as a leader”

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Yoon Jung-hwan (50), a commentator for the K-League, is gaining valuable experience.

Commissioner Yun, who grabs the microphone in the 2023 season and travels around the K-League scene, is in charge of commentating on the sports channel ‘Sky Sports’. He is also active as a K-League Ambassador.

Commissioner Yoon, who met by phone on the 7th, said, “It is not easy to do a commentary that I have not done before. I am explaining with my experience as a director, but I needed a commentary that fits the situation. It’s awkward to hear my voice again. very lacking It’s not a skill that deserves points. Her wife listens to my commentary every time and gives me advice. He’s playing the role of a coach,” he laughed. He said, “Still, the soccer manager is my job, and it helps me to get to know the K-League. Now he has figured out the players (of each club) to some extent.”

K League 1 broke through the 1st round robin. What are the league trends and trends from Commissioner Yoon’s point of view? He said, “Ulsan Hyundai is doing very well. Skill is skill, and luck seems to follow. Even if the content is not good, I take care of the results,” he said. “It is strange that Suwon Samsung and Jeonbuk Hyundai are in the lower ranks. The team felt like something was out of order. Soccer, which has been played for a long time, did not appear,” he emphasized. Also, “Gwangju FC has good content, but the results did not follow. It is for the opposing team to analyze and respond. Wouldn’t it be possible to jump to the top if you overcome it? Pohang Steelers, FC Seoul, Jeju United, etc. are likely to check Ulsan, but I am also interested in which team breaks Ulsan’s rhythm.”

Compared to the days when Commissioner Yoon led Ulsan in the past, the current K-League has changed. He said, “I often see pressure from the offensive line,” he said. “After the 2022 Qatar World Cup, teams that destroy positions stand out. Especially in Seoul and Gwangju. Position rotation often occurs, such as a player placed on the right playing on the left.”토토사이트

After successfully leading the J-League Sagan Dos, Commissioner Yoon joined Ulsan in 2015 and led the team for two seasons. This is the only K-League command tower experience that Commissioner Yoon has. After that, he went to Japan again and led Cerezo Osaka and Jeff United.

He is active as a commentator and ambassador, but it is not that he is not considering returning as a leader. Commissioner Yun was included in the list of candidates for Suwon Samsung manager who appointed director Kim Byung-soo, and is also being mentioned as a candidate for the new command tower of Jeonbuk, which is currently vacant. Commissioner Yoon said, “It’s actually the first time I’ve watched and analyzed the K-League from the opening game.” So now time is so precious. My thoughts and tactics changed and I studied a lot. I will try to approach it in a different way than before.”

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