A new rivalry brought to 3×3?

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Will a new story be created in 3×3?

On the 16th, the ‘KBA 3×3 KOREA TOUR 2023 1st Seoul Tournament’ hosted by the Korea Basketball Association was held at the plaza in front of Seoul Newspaper (Seoul Madang).

A total of 63 teams from each category participated, and the Korea League Women’s Division has 5 teams, the same as last year. However, Gimcheon City Hall and Sacheon City Hall newly joined. The competitiveness of the league women’s division is expected.토토사이트

The two business teams clashed in the finals from the 1st Seoul Games. Gimcheon City Hall beat Sacheong City Hall 16-13.

Coincidentally, tournament MVP Kim Hyeon-ah, who led Gimcheon City Hall, and Sacheon City Hall leader Yoo Hyeon-yi, are professional motives who joined KB (Kim Hyun-ah) and Woori Bank (Yoo Hyun-i) side by side at the 2016 WKBL New Player Selection. It is expected that the two players from WKBL rivals will form a new rivalry in 3×3.

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