Cho Han-jin, who is growing in ‘Carrot and Stick’, is not tagged as a promising prospect

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 Reporter Moon Dae-hyeon = Goyang Carrot’s 6th year forward Cho Han-jin (26) is growing steadily. His performance is still fluctuating, but he is gradually getting away from being a ‘perennial prospect’ under coach Kim Seung-gi’s strong training.

Cho Han-jin, who has been playing for only one team since joining Goyang Orion (predecessor Carrot) in 2018, has not been able to blossom even though he has good physical and shooting skills. He was good on shooting days but struggled on non-shooting days. He was a so-called ups and downs player.

Then, coach Kim took over this season and made us look forward to a new phase.

Coach Kim highly praised his shooting ability and the potential of Cho Han-jin, who has good height, ahead of the opening game, and predicted his moderate use.

However, as he entered the season, there were many times when he fell short of his expectations. His shooting success rate was low, and he made many invisible mistakes in the defensive rotation.

However, the Samsung game in Seoul on the 30th was different. Carrot, who had been on a two-game losing streak before, played a game that was dragged by the lowest Samsung from the beginning of the game. In particular, they have not been able to use the outer cannon, which has been the team’s strong point.

It was Jo Han-jin who saved the team from a crisis. He brought the atmosphere to Carrot by putting in two 3-pointers in the second quarter, when the score was 14-20.

Carrot won a new 68-65 victory over Samsung that day, and the victory was possible thanks to the performance of Hanjin Cho (12 points, 2 rebounds, 1 help, 1 steal) in addition to Didric Lawson, a foreign player responsible for 29 points and 19 rebounds.

With this victory, Carrot, who escaped from two consecutive losses, maintained 5th place with 19 wins and 17 losses. The gap with 4th place Seoul SK (20-15) narrowed by 1.5 games. In particular, Carrot increased his home win streak to 5, which has continued since the Ulsan Hyundai Mobis match on the 5th.

Coach Kim, who usually did not hesitate to criticize Jo Han-jin when he performed poorly, did not hesitate to praise him on this day. Coach Kim said at a press conference after the victory, “Thanks to Jo Han-jin, I was able to regain the atmosphere to go over to the opponent’s side in the beginning.”

Even so, he did not leave out the sober advice that he should develop further. Coach Kim pointed out, “Cho Han-jin gets excited when he scores a goal and doesn’t know what to do. He needs to be a little more calm.”

Cho Han-jin, who was selected as the Distinguished Player and participated in the official interview after the game, was smiling even after hearing the bitter remarks from coach Kim. Even though coach Kim’s harsh training was difficult, he seemed to know that it came from affection. 안전놀이터

Cho Han-jin said, “The coach is right. I think I need to go to the army quickly.” Even when it’s hard,” he laughs.

However, he soon emphasized, “The director is interested in me, so he does it. He is working hard because he knows that it is for me.”

Jeon Seong-hyeon, who has been taking coach Kim as his teacher for a long time since his days at Anyang KGC, said, “The coach doesn’t give attachment to players without potential. He will become a good player.”

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