Dramatic draw at home farewell… ‘Thank you Park Hang-seo’

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Vietnam, led by coach Park Hang-seo, broke out in the 43rd minute of the second half of the Southeast Asian Cup soccer final in the first leg of the dramatic mid-range POW. They were drawn against Thailand, the winners of the previous tournament.

This is reporter Ha Seong-ryong.

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40,000 Vietnamese fans held a picture of coach Park Hang-seo and a large phrase with ‘thank you’ to express their gratitude.

The players also poured everything out for their mentors.

In the 24th minute of the first half, Tien Linh scored the opening goal with an amazing diving header, and coach Park clenched his fists. 안전놀이터

After the first goal, Thailand, the winningest team with the most goals, conceded two goals in the second half and allowed a comeback, but Vietnam scored a dramatic equalizer in the 43rd minute with a powerful mid-range shot by Vu Van Thanh.

Coach Park cheered with an uppercut ceremony, and the Hanoi home stadium was engulfed in enthusiasm.

Even in a dramatic 2-2 draw, coach Park left the stadium expressing dissatisfaction with the decision, but at the press conference, he smiled brightly and said goodbye to the fans.

[Park Hang-seo/Vietnamese national soccer team coach: I will keep the good memories deep in my heart because I received a lot of encouragement and support from the Vietnamese people. Happy New Year.]

With all of Vietnam dyed red by the thrilling theatrical goal, coach Park will finish the last dance with a victory if he wins the second game away from Thailand on the day after tomorrow (16th) or scores more than 3 goals and draws.

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