‘Europe’ Oh Hyun-gyu, Celtic survival period begins… ’17 goals’ compete with Japanese striker

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Korean striker, super-prospect Oh Hyeon-gyu (21) has challenged himself to the European stage for the first time in his life.

On the 25th, Celtic announced a 5-year contract with Oh Hyun-kyu through their official website. Celtic is well known to Korean fans as a team where Ki Sung-yueng and Cha Doo-ri, who were the core players of the national team in the past, played an active role.

Oh Hyeon-gyu, who stepped on the professional stage with Suwon’s Seonggol youth, continued to develop from a young age. He quickly solved his military problems at Kimcheon Sangmu, and last season he played an active part as Suwon’s main striker. He scored 11 goals in the second half alone and stood tall as the first-class contributor to his team, which was on the brink of relegation. At the Qatar World Cup, he was named as a reserve striker in preparation for Son Heung-min’s departure. 안전놀이터

Scotland’s prestigious Celtic sent a love call to a promising player who showed remarkable growth. There was a possibility of staying in Korea, but Oh Hyun-gyu, who strongly expressed his will to advance to Europe, smiled broadly while wearing a Celtic uniform at the end of the negotiations.

It’s time to engage in the fight for survival. Celtic, which leads the Scottish Premier League alone, is holding on to Furuhashi, who has scored 17 goals in the league alone this season. The fast speed and dribbling that comes out of the small height of 170 cm are considered as strengths. Celtic, who mainly use the three-top tactic. Fierce competition for the striker spot seems inevitable.

In the meantime, Yako Makis, the team’s only tall striker, is likely to transfer to Urawa Reds. Football fans are paying attention to whether Oh Hyun-gyu, who has strong physical and active movements, can emerge as Celtic’s new weapon.

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