‘FA Mia’ Kang Ri-ho complains of regret… “I will express my position myself”

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 Kang Ri-ho, who is in conflict with the original team Lotte, announced that he would directly convey his position.

On the morning of the 3rd, Kang Ri-ho wrote on his social media (SNS), “I want to communicate with Lotte fans. I hope you come in when the time comes.”

Kang Ri-ho played 29 games for the Lotte Giants last season, recording an average ERA of 5.48 with 27 strikeouts and 17 runs (13 ERA) in 21⅓ innings. Kang Ri-ho, who obtained FA status, entered the free agent (FA) market. For Kang Ri-ho, the club that recruited Kang Ri-ho as a C grade only had to compensate Lotte for 150% of the previous year’s annual salary without a compensation player. However, there was no club looking for Kang Ri-ho. 바카라

It was said that Kang Ri-ho demanded that he release the right to hold free agency after signing a one-year contract with Lotte. According to the KBO rules, after exercising his free agent rights, he must play an active part in the regular season for four years before he can reacquire his free agent qualifications. If Kang Ri-ho signs a one-year contract, the club will have the right to reserve free agency. That’s why Kang Ri-ho demanded that the free agency be released, but Lotte rejected the offer.

However, Kang Ri-ho complained of his regret. He said through social media, “I did an interview while sleeping, but I wrote it with the intention of really making me a shame.” no,” he said.

Then, referring to a specific media, “I want to express my exact position on the article. I think it would be better to express my position clearly with my face and mouth.” I will forever cherish and love the fans’ passion for baseball and their support.”

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