‘Give up Bellingham’ Liverpool, ‘Quantity over Quality’ Aiming for multiple signings such as Rice, Caicedo, and Núñez

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 Liverpool found a new replacement for Jude Bellingham (Dortmund). Declan Rice (West Ham) and Moise Kaseido (Brighton) have been set as targets.

Liverpool recently gave up on signing Bellingham. This is because he cannot survive the scouting competition with Real Madrid, Manchester City, and Paris Saint-Germain. Bellingham’s transfer fee is at least £100m. As competition increases, prices may increase. It can’t be a price that is burdensome for Liverpool.토토사이트

route was changed. It was quantity rather than quality. Rather than spending a lot of money to sign Bellingham, they decided to sign a large number of midfielders. A number of midfielders were put up as candidates.

According to Sky Sports’ report, Liverpool are Nicolo Varela (Inter Milan) and Matheus Nuñez (Wolverhampton), including Rice and Caseido. All of them are proven players in the league and on the international stage.

However, recruiting them is not that easy. Especially in the case of Rice, the ransom is no less than Bellingham. When rumors of a transfer came out last season, West Ham demanded £100m for Rice. Kasei is also solidifying his will to keep Brighton.

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