Hanwha did not lose despite all-time bad luck. they obviously got stronger

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Kim Beom-soo‧Kim Ki-joong forward, Kim Seo-hyun backward,
pitchers with good control are multi-inning, and
pitchers with fast balls are short
. Formation of competitive structure with Park Jung-hyun
Hanwha, with many young players, continues to grow by playing tight against strong teams
Last year, Hanwha, which placed 14 games behind Doosan in 9th place, is clearly stronger than last year

All-out war of 4 hours and 20 minutes.

Even though we didn’t win, it was just that the strength of the whole team was a bit lacking. Even though there was an all-time misjudgment at the end of the 9th inning, Hanwha overcame it with defensive power. Against a candidate for the championship, and even in a situation where the main pitcher Min-woo Kim was hit and managed the game only with the bullpen, there was no shortage of playing the game without a foreign batter.

If I had to regret it, I could only point out an unfortunate send-off bunt in the 12th inning, and it was just that the team’s strength was slightly lacking. Above all, it is all the more so in that it was against LG’s winning card, Plutco. Plutko is a foreign pitcher with a 100% win rate, 6-0 this season.

The harvest of this day’s game is that the positive direction that Hanwha pursues was glimpsed, albeit faintly.

Manager Choi Won-ho promoted Kim Bum-soo as the second pitcher after starting pitcher Lee Tae-yang. You can get a glimpse of the difference from the previous coach Subero, and coach Choi called Kim Beom-soo “a strong outsider.” He said, “He is a player who is strong on the outside but soft on the inside. He is a player who can play his part in unburdened situations at the front line as much as possible.” This is a differentiated part from how Subero used Kim Bum-soo as a finisher.

Seohyun Kim was the opposite. Rather, he defined him as a player who can overcome even a bigger burden.

In addition, coach Choi Won-ho evaluated Kim Seo-hyun as saying, “The ability and sense of using breaking balls are better than Moon Dong-ju,” and Kim Seo-hyun threw 6 consecutive breaking balls and struck out Park Dong-won.

The finish was definitely fixed by Park Sang-won. Lee Tae-yang (3.2 innings), Kim Bum-soo (0.1 innings), Yoon Dae-gyeong (1 innings), Kim Ki-joong (0.1 innings), Kang Jae-min (1.2 innings), Kim Seo-hyun (1 innings), Park Sang-won (2 innings), Jung Woo-ram (2 innings). . Overall, the bullpen was operated in a way that pitchers with good control were long and those with poor control were short. In other words, it was definitely framed. It is the essence of the Hanwha bullpen, which continues from former pitcher Subero coach Choi Won-ho.

This cannot be said to be the credit of director Choi Won-ho. However, as the direction of the club is in ‘certain role division’, it can be said that the positive part of that direction has been revealed today.

It was also the harvest of this game that he achieved great success by lowering O’Grady and using Lee Do-yoon. Lee Do-yoon scored two hits, including the first RBI and double, and there were no major mistakes in defense. Park Jung-hyun, who came in after being replaced, also hit. It is a harvest just that the two of them have room to run the season while competing with each other.

The reason why Hanhwa appointed Choi Won-ho as head coach is that he knows well about Hanwha’s promising players. If there is no such process, there is no reason to be director Choi Won-ho. It is a necessary process for Hanwha, who does not have strong player depth.카지노사이트

Catcher Choi Jae-hoon and Park Sang-eon’s defense, shortstop Lee Do-yoon, third baseman Noh Si-hwan, and second baseman Jeong Eun-won’s defense also showed good performances. The defense Noh Si-hwan showed in the bottom of the 9th inning was one of the best scenes to be counted as one of the best this season. A team with an unstable defense can never play a pitching game. Looking at the present, the coexistence of Moon Hyun-bin and Jung Eun-won can also be regarded as half-successful, given that O’Grady has virtually gone out of power.

On May 21, Pena will start. LG is Yunshik Kim. On this day, LG’s power was drained as much as possible, so there is room for one more match tomorrow.

Hanwha is a young team. It is a team that is looking forward to tomorrow as it plays a lot of tight matches and tight matches and develops its own strength through those matches.

Hanwha is still positioned at the bottom of the table (9th). However, no team thinks that Hanhwa is the same team as last year. Hanwha is clearly stronger than last year.

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