“If you stick with Trout Betts”… Heading to the US in ‘excellent condition’, eyes go beyond Japan to the US

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 “I don’t think I will be pushed back.”

Selected for the first adult national team. Kwak Bin (24, Doosan Bears) will be able to prepare for the game in the best condition.

Kwak Bin was selected for the World Baseball Classic (WBC) team to be held in March. Recording an average ERA of 3.78 in 27 games last year, he recorded 5 wins, 2 losses and an ERA of 2.98 in 11 games in the second half, playing an active role as an ace.

He boldly entered a fastball that exceeded 150 km/h, and showed a step up as sharpness was added to the breaking ball.

While he was guaranteed a spot in the team this season, he made his debut this season wearing the Taegeuk mark. After building up his body at the Doosan Spring Camp held in Blacktown, Sydney, Australia until the 11th, he leaves for the United States to call for national team training.

In live pitching on the 11th, Kwak Bin showed off his best condition. With a top speed of 149 km/h, he checked his curve slider changeup. Kwak Bin expressed his confidence, “I’m glad I was able to go in good condition. I don’t think I’ll be pushed back.” He continued, “It was a little strange at the beginning of (camp), but (Yang) Ui-ji gave good compliments to me.

Yang Eui-ji also looked forward to his performance, saying, “(Kwak) Bin has built a good body. The pace seems to be fast.” 온라인카지노

The national team stage where the best players gather. Kwak Bin smiled, saying, “There are people who are better at baseball than me, so I want to learn one by one.”

Korea will play the group stage against Japan, Australia, China, and the Czech Republic in Japan in March. After that, if you reach the quarterfinals and reach the semifinals, you will move to Miami, USA.

Kwak Bin dreamed of passing the group stage as well as going to the United States. “When the coach tells me to get out, I try to throw my best in any situation,” he said. same,” he said.

He continued, “It’s too early to say that I’m good. I think I was lucky enough to be selected for the WBC team.” lost.

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