Incumbent first-team coach going to Tokyo Dome to see son and son-in-law… Schedule consultation with LG

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 Korea’s strongest baseball family unites at the Tokyo Dome. LG coach Lee Jong-beom delivers the scene of his son Lee Jeong-hoo (Kiwoom) and his son-in-law Go Woo-seok (LG) playing for the national team at the same time. After receiving permission from the club, I took the microphone again as a special commentator.

An official from the LG club said that coach Lee Jong-beom will serve as a special commentator for the first round of the WBC (World Baseball Classic), which will be held in Tokyo Dome next month. Caught. From 2015 to 2018, when he left the field, he worked as a commentator.

His return to the field was in 2019. After returning to the field as LG Futures general coach, except for the time when I went to Chunichi training for a while in 2020, everyone stayed at LG. done. In this year’s WBC, he sits in the relay seat again after 5 years.

The scene where he hit a double in the 2006 WBC Korea-Japan match and held a hurrah ceremony is still strongly decorating a page in Korean baseball history.

Now, a ‘child farming success story’ has been added to his career as a brilliant player. After this season, his son Lee Jung-hoo has grown into the best hitter in the KBO League, which is likely to advance to the major leagues, and has been steadily selected for the national team. Ko Woo-seok, whom I met as a coach and player at LG, became my son-in-law in January. Lee Ga-hyun, the daughter of coach Lee Jong-beom, married Go Woo-seok. Coach Lee Jong-beom has a special experience watching these two from the relay box. 메이저사이트

However, even if he is a special commentator, his main job is definitely a coaching staff for the first team. If it wasn’t for LG’s full support, we wouldn’t have seen the scene where coach Lee Jong-beom was in charge of relaying again. However, the WBC schedule overlaps with the KBO demonstration game to a large extent. Korea’s round 1 schedule starts on the 9th of next month, and the tournament continues until the 22nd. The exhibition game is from the 13th to the 28th of next month.

Will there be any setbacks in preparing for the LG season? It may not be a problem if you only take on some schedules in Japan.

Korea will play against Australia on the 9th and Japan on the 10th, then take a day off on the 11th and play against the Czech Republic on the 12th. The match against China on the 13th is the last match. Considering the experience of Chunichi coach Lee Jong-beom and the weight of the matchup, focusing on the match against Korea and Japan on the 10th seems a realistic plan. An official from the LG club said, “I know that discussions are underway with the broadcasting station about the schedule.”

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