Japanese volleyball legend “The second Kim Yeon-kyung may come out of Japan”

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Japan Volleyball Association Obayashi Motoko (55) technical committee member compared Akimoto Miku (16, Kyoei Gakuen) with Korean superstar Kim Yeon-kyung (34, Heungkuk Life Insurance) and expressed expectations.

Commissioner Obayashi said in an article on the Japanese newspaper ‘Sankei Sports’ on the 5th, “Kim Yeon-kyung is said to be a talented person who appears once in 100 years. Akimoto resembles that kind of Kim Yeon-kyung,” he insisted.

Akimoto is the daughter of Ai Otomo, 40. She is a 2010 World Championships and 2012 Olympic bronze medal member. She is currently the best prospect in Japanese women’s volleyball, including ▲ MVP of the National Middle School Competition ▲ Standing Army at the 2024 Paris Olympics ▲ Winner of the 2022 U-18 Asian Championship.

During her active career, Obayashi led the attack on the Japanese national team, which placed fifth in the women’s division at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, and was recognized for her performance as the best player in the tournament.

“The reason why Akimoto reminds me of Kim Yeon-kyung” is ▲great height ▲middle blocker/outside heater potential ▲physique ▲atmosphere ▲preference for all-round play.

Kyoei Gakuen started the schedule for the 75th Japan High School Championships (Haruko) on the 4th. Akimoto made her successful high school volleyball national tournament debut by scoring 12 points only with her spikes and contributing to a set score 3-0 win. 토토사이트

According to the official data of the Japanese High School Championships, Akimoto is 183 cm tall and has a maximum reach of 300 cm. The heights listed in the profile of the 2019-20 International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) Club World Championship, the last world competition in which Kim Yeon-kyung participated as a professional team player, are 310 cm for spikes and 300 cm for blocking.

Commissioner Obayashi said of her “It was her first national tournament in high school, so she was nervous at first, and her body was stiff, but after her defense success, her switch became bigger. The height of both blocking and spikes is enormous. The way she uses her hands is also great,” Akimoto praised her high school debut.

“I actively receive and toss as well as spikes. You can feel the motivation to go beyond ‘I want to do it’ and ‘I will do it’. If you look at the analysis of Commissioner Obayashi, “I look forward to development,” you can guess why Akimoto is compared to Kim Yeon-kyung.

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