KB Stars’ trouble that reappeared again, ‘Park Ji-soo’s dilemma’

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KB Stars, who appeared as a blast in the mid-ranking game with four consecutive victories in ‘Again, Park Ji-soo

‘s Dilemma’, was caught at the bottom of the bottom, Hana One Q.

KB Stars suffered a come-from-behind defeat 70-80 at the Hana 1Q match held at the Cheongju Gymnasium on the 1st after a close match that went to overtime. The shock is inevitably greater because the game was allowed to tie the game in a slightly relaxed situation of 60-53, 7 points with 1 minute and 30 seconds left at the end of the game. With the defeat on this day, the ride between Samsung Life Insurance and Shinhan Bank, who were tied for third place, also took place again in 3.5 games. There are still 8 games left, so there is room to continue the challenge to advance to the playoffs, but what is more painful than 1 loss is that the ‘Park Ji-soo dilemma’ has been confirmed again.

KB began its full-fledged journey toward the 4th place or higher, the right to advance to the playoffs, as Park Ji-soo, who returned from a panic disorder, improved his condition by using the All-Star break period. Park Ji-soo’s great performance as well as her teammates’ play, which became very exciting thanks to her presence, created a synergistic effect. In the match against Samsung Life Insurance held on the 28th of last month, he won by 21 points, and the words “Park Ji-soo is also scary” came out naturally from the rival team’s coaches and players.

However, the prerequisite for KB’s rising trend is, of course, a ‘healthy Park Ji-soo’. Since her panic disorder is not a physical injury, it is difficult to predict whether or when she will fully recover, and she has to accept the jaggedness of her condition. Considering that Park Ji-soo’s current physical condition has risen to the point where she can run at least 30 extra points, her psychological stability is essential after all.

It was obviously a psychological blow to Park Ji-soo, who raised it on her own through the game, to have a foul trouble (4 fouls) with 3 minutes and 57 seconds left in the 2nd quarter in the game against Hana 1 Q that day. It was still not perfect, but it was a good situation, recording 11 points and 3 rebounds in 14 minutes before returning to the bench due to accumulated fouls.

While Park Ji-soo was missing for more than 10 minutes, KB colleagues eased the burden by succeeding in reversing in the 3rd quarter. However, Park Ji-soo, who was reintroduced in the 4th quarter, suffered a dislocated finger injury due to a collision while playing defense 3 minutes after the start of the quarter. 카지노

The problem arose here. Recognizing that it would be difficult for Park Ji-soo to be put into the match, KB players felt psychologically burdened, while Hana 1 Q players persistently aimed at it. At the end of the 4th quarter, Yang In-young and Kim Ye-jin went back and forth at the goal without Park Ji-soo, scoring and rebounding. In the end, in the 4th quarter rebound fight, Hana 1 Q led 11-5 and became the driving force to tie the score.

Anyway, it was a game that confirmed once again that for KB to continue its winning streak, the unwavering performance of its teammates is essential even when Park Ji-soo is on the bench. Still, as the outskirts seldom exploded, Heo Ye-eun scored her highest score of 20 points by breaking through using her quick feet, and it is fortunate that Kim Min-jung did her part with 16 points, but Kang I-seul, who played the role of an ace alone while Park Ji-soo was absent, scored 7 points this day as well. It is obviously regrettable that he only scored and was not able to recover his performance. KB will face Woori Bank on the 5th.

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