KBO odds king, 80 million won → 200 million ‘150% increase’… Kim Min-hyeok, Kim Jun-tae, and Oh Yoon-seok, debuted in the first billion won annual salary

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On the 29th, kt Wiz concluded an annual salary contract for the 2023 season with 61 candidates for renewal.

The player with the highest rate of increase is pitcher Eom Sang-baek. Um Sang-baek signed a contract for 200 million won, a 150% increase from the 2022 season salary of 80 million won. Eom Sang-baek recorded 11 wins, 2 losses and an ERA of 2.95 in 33 games, both starting and bullpen this season. He also won the odds king title with a win rate of 0.846. 메이저사이트

Kim Min-soo, who played the most games in the bullpen, recorded the highest mark. Kim Min-soo signed a contract for 250 million won (117.4% increase), an increase of 135 million won from an annual salary of 115 million won in the 2022 season. Kim Min-soo played an active part in 76 games with 5 wins, 4 losses, 30 holds, 3 saves, and an average ERA of 1.90.

Outfielder Kim Min-hyeok entered the first billion won annual salary after his professional debut. He signed a contract for 150 million won, a 66.7% increase from 90 million won last season, recording the highest increase rate for a fielder. Catchers Kim Joon-tae (100 million won) and Oh Yoon-seok (120 million won) also rose to the first billion won annual salary side by side.

Outfielders Bae Jeong-dae (340 million won) and Jo Yong-ho (320 million won) each raised 80 million won, recording the highest increase for a fielder.

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