Lotte Na Won-tak, Lee Tae-yeon, Cho Se-jin, Han Tae-yang, Jang Doo-seong returned home early

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Professional baseball Lotte Giants made changes to the squad for the 2023 spring camp. The Lotte club announced on the 16th that “Na Won-tak, Lee Tae-yeon (Lee Sang-yong pitcher) Han Tae-yang (Infielder) Jo Se-jin, and Jang Doo-seong (Lee Sang-yong outfielder) will return home early.”

The player will depart from Guam, where the spring camp is held, on the 17th and return to Gimhae Airport. After taking a day off, they plan to join the Futures (Second Division) camp, which is being held at Sangdong Stadium in Gimhae from the 19th.

The club explained, “From the second field training in Japan, we plan to focus on players who will compete in real matches considering their physical conditions.”

Na Won-tak was nominated by the Samsung Lions in the 19th place in the 2nd round of the 2nd round in 2017 after leaving Segwang and Hongik University. He made his first team debut that year. Na Won-tak is a player who changed positions from catcher to outfielder and pitcher.

After the end of the 2017 season, he came to Lotte as a compensation player for Kang Min-ho (catcher), who transferred from Lotte to Samsung after gaining qualification as a free agent (FA). Na Won-tak enlisted in active duty in 2019, returned to Lotte after being discharged, and turned into a pitcher.

He pitched 6 innings in 7 games last season based on the 1st team, and recorded an earned run average of 9.00 without a win or loss. As a hitter, he has appeared in 33 games so far, posting a batting average of 1.6 7 Lee (8 hits in 48 at-bats) and 1 RBI.

Lee Tae-yeon, a rookie left-hander, was from Chungam High School and was nominated by Lotte in the 2023 KBO Rookie Draft with the 53rd pick in the 6th round. Han Taeyang, who is in his second year as a pro, came out of Deoksu High School and established a relationship with Lotte in the 2022 draft with the 54th place in the 2nd 6th round. 먹튀검증

He appeared in 38 games and had a batting average of 1.54 (9-for-61) with 3 RBI and 1 steal, and in 45 Futures League games he batted .285 (39 on 137) with 1 home run, 20 RBI and 9 stolen bases. were recorded respectively.

Jo Se-jin is the motive of joining Han Tae-yang. He came out of Seoul High School and was nominated in the second round of the 2022 draft.

He appeared in 39 games last season, batting 1.8 6 Lee (16-for-86) with 6 RBI. He appeared in 52 games in the Futures (second team) league and played an active role with a batting average of 3.5 and 1 Lee (68 hits in 194 at-bats), 7 homers, 34 RBIs and 5 stolen bases.

Jang Doo-seong, whose quick feet are an advantage, came out of Dongsan High School and wore a Lotte uniform in 2018 with the 93rd rank in the 2nd 10th round. He appeared in 53 games last season, mostly as a runner or defensive back.

He had a batting average of 1.7 with 4 runs (4-for-23) and 4 stolen bases. His Futures League performance was a batting average of 2.8 3 (26 hits in 92 at-bats) with 11 RBI and 10 stolen bases in 40 appearances.

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