“Mother, I miss you so much” The meaning behind the strange uniform number

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This is a uniform number that has appeared only once in long NBA history. Former player Hilton Armstrong, who played the NBA from 2006 to 2014, wore it for only one season, and no other player has worn this number.

This is why Mike Muscala, who was traded from the Oklahoma City Thunder to the Boston Celtics on the 10th (Korean time), became a hot topic as soon as he moved to Boston. He surprised many by announcing that he would wear the number 57 shirt at his induction ceremony. While playing in the NBA from the 2013-2014 season, Muscala played for five teams, including Atlanta, Oklahoma City, Philadelphia, Lakers and Boston, but never wore number 57. 슬롯사이트

Why did Muskala decide to wear number 57? Boston.com, a Boston-specialized media, reported on the reason on the 13th, but a rather heartbreaking story was hidden.

to remember his mother. Muscala said, “My mother was born in 1957. I try to remember her every day by wearing her number 57 while I’m in Boston,” she revealed.

To Muscala, her mother was a special person. He suffered from ovarian cancer for nearly two years and recently passed away. It is said that Muscala’s mother always left a text message saying that she had worked hard every day after Muscala finished the game even while fighting the disease.

When Muscalado was in Oklahoma City before the transfer, he reportedly spent a little time nursing his mother between Oklahoma City and his home in Minnesota. That’s how big he was to him.

Muscala became the second player in NBA history to wear number 57. For starters, it’s pretty good. He has been flying off the bench, scoring 12 points and 10 points in his first two games since switching shirt numbers to number 57.

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