Nagelsmann Fischer: “Neuer is our first goalkeeper”

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 Reporter Kim Dong-ho = Bayern Munich manager Julian Nagelsmann gave Manuel Neuer strength.

Bayern Munich and RB Leipzig played round 16 of the Bundesliga in the 2022-23 season at the Red Bull Arena on the 21st 파라오카지노. The match between the two teams ended in a 1-1 draw, and Munich remained at the top of the league.

Prior to the game, coach Nagelsmann spoke to Sky Sports. He said in an interview, “Neuer is our main goalkeeper,” and “Nuer is also our captain.”

There was a reason Nagelsmann had to say this. Last month, while on vacation, Neuer suffered an embarrassing skiing accident in which he fractured his leg. He subsequently underwent emergency surgery and was ruled ‘out of the season’ for not being able to handle the Bundesliga schedule for the remainder of the season.

Due to this, Munich urgently sought a replacement and succeeded in signing Jan Sommer, one of the best goalkeepers in the Bundesliga. Sommer played for Monchengladbach for over eight years, serving as the main goalkeeper. Although he is 183 cm tall, it is evaluated that his excellent reflexes stand out.

Right now, the competition for the start is not complicated, but if Neuer returns from injury, Neuer and Sommer will have to compete for the start. Director Nagelsmann drew a line in advance about this. In this match, Sommer started and played the ground full-time.

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