Neuer, Munich and breakup?… “Why cut my friend?” vs “I need to think about the team goal”

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The relationship between Manuel Neuer and Bayern Munich is unusual.

Munich recently sacked goalkeeping coach Tony Tapalovic.

“We went our separate ways because of differences in views on how we work together,” said Hassan Salihamidzic, director of Munich.

In Germany, it is interpreted that Munich had no choice but to fire Tapalovich as he was playing the role of informer leaking internal news of the club to the media.

Then, Neuer, who is Tapalovich’s best friend and is active as Munich captain and main goalkeeper, expressed dissatisfaction. 먹튀검증

According to German Bild on the 3rd (Korean time), Neuer said, “It felt like my heart was shattered. It was the most brutal experience of my career.”

“It’s incomprehensible,” Neuer added. “I didn’t agree. If it were me, I’d have talked to Tapalovic and looked at the possibility of resolving the issue.”

Then, he even made a bombastic remark that he was struggling with the future.

“After Tapalovic was sacked, I thought about everything, including my future here. I experienced something I’ve never experienced before, and it’s sad for all goalkeepers, including me,” said Neuer. hinted at the meaning of

CEO Oliver Kahn criticized Captain Neuer’s bombshell remarks.

“Neuer’s remarks were undesirable both as a captain and for the club’s values,” Khan said. The most important thing is the team goal. A common goal is the top priority.”

“The team goal is more important than personal feelings. Neuer’s remarks were the exact opposite,” he said. “I think we need to clarify the club’s position to Neuer.”

Currently, Neuer is going through a rough time.

At the World Cup in Qatar, he experienced the humiliation of being eliminated from the group stage for the second time in a row by the German national team.

As a result, Munich brought in Jan Sommer as a replacement for Neuer, and it is expected that fierce competition will take place next season.

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