Oh Hyun-gyu ‘transfer jackpot’ Suwon, breaks the black history of foreign strikers

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Suwon Samsung, a professional soccer team, is taking rapid steps to recruit players who have been proven in the K-League to break the dark history of failing to recruit foreign strikers for the past three years.

On the 25th, Suwon sent Oh Hyun-gyu, the core of the team’s attack, to Celtic, a prestigious club in Scotland. It is a large-scale transfer that resulted in a transfer fee of 3 million euros (approximately 4 billion won) over a five-year contract period.

But the joy is short-lived. A fire fell on Suwon’s feet. Oh Hyun-kyu scored 13 goals in 36 games last season and was an absolute player responsible for about a third of the team’s total goals (44 goals). Due to the transfer of Oh Hyun-kyu, Suwon is in desperate need of recruiting a foreign striker as the only frontline striker resource is Ahn Byeong-jun, a Korean-Japanese.

An official from Suwon said, “The first time Celtic contacted Oh Hyun-kyu was before the World Cup. The team wanted to protect the player to the extent that he expressed his intention to reject it four times. However, we decided to transfer for the future of the team and the player in the 3 million euro amended contract we received 15 days ago.” We are looking for players,” he said.

However, they are more cautious than ever when it comes to recruiting foreign players. After Jonathan (22 goals), who scored more than 20 goals in the team and became the top scorer in the 2017 season, and Adam Taggart (20 goals) in the 2019 season, Suwon failed to have fun recruiting foreign strikers for the past three years. 먹튀검증

Suwon bought Sebastian Groening, the top scorer in the Danish league, for a huge amount last season, but he dropped out during the season after failing to score a single goal in 14 regular league games other than scoring in the FA Cup. In the previous 2021 season, he brought Uros Jerich, who was proven in the K-League, but only scored 6 goals, and Nicolao Dumitru was also injured and only scored 1 goal and was released.

Suwon is determined not to repeat the same mistake. An official from Suwon said, “Currently, we are selecting a list mainly of foreign players who have experience in the K-League and have been verified.” In order not to follow previous failure cases, we are thoroughly investigating and analyzing, and it seems that specific plans for recruitment will come out in February.”

It remains to be seen if Suwon, which has acquired a huge amount of 4 billion won through the transfer of Oh Hyun-kyu, can break the ‘black history of foreign strikers’ that has lasted for the past 3 years by recruiting foreign strikers with high utilization values ​​such as the second Jonathan and Taggart. to be.

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