Renewed contracts with Seoul, Ko Yo-won, Ko Gwang-min, Hwang Seong-min, and Hwang Hyun-soo

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FC Seoul has renewed contracts with Ko Yo-yeon and Ko Gwang-min.

On the 24th, Seoul officially announced through the club channel, “We have signed renewal contracts with Ko Yo-han, Ko Kwang-min, Hwang Seong-min, and Hwang Hyun-soo.” “The four players who are preparing hard for the new season in Thailand expressed their determination to show a great image that meets the fans’ expectations,” he added.

Ko Yo-han is a one-club man who has played in Seoul since 2004. He is a resource like a multiplayer standard who can play a variety of positions from fullback, midfielder and striker. He was called an indispensable presence in Seoul, showing great dedication by taking on the dirty work and having a great airborne influence. He has recently been playing as a midfielder. He was injured last season and missed many games. The upcoming 2023 season is sweating to show a different look.

Ko Kwang-min is also a Seoul one-club man like Ko Yo-yeon. He only played in Seoul for 12 years from 2011, except for going on loan because of his military service. Both left and right fullbacks are possible, and in his heyday, he definitely gave strength to the side with fast speed and accurate crosses. As he got older, his overall skills declined compared to his prime, but he made up for the lack with his seasoned appearance. Along with Lee Tae-seok, Lee Si-young, and Park Soo-il, he is expected to be responsible for Seoul’s side defense. 안전놀이터

Hwang Seong-min joined Seoul last season. Hwang Seong-min, who played for Chungju Hummel, Ansan Greeners, Jeju United, and Gyeongnam FC, could not play many games due to Yang Han-bin. While Yang Han-bin went to the J-League, Choi Cheol-won was recruited. Choi Cheol-won, who showed a lot in Bucheon FC 1995, could become Seoul’s No. 1, but Hwang Seong-min is also a goalkeeper with enough skills to protect Seoul’s goal.

After Hwang Hyeon-soo joined Seoul in 2014, he played only in Seoul. He once played an active role as Seoul’s main center back, but his position is somewhat unclear after entering. Lee Sang-min went to the army, but Kwon Wan-gyu was recruited, and Osmar, Lee Han-beom, and Kim Joo-seong can be used. In order to increase the playing time, it is necessary to struggle.

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