‘Resurrection after 11 years’ PGA Q School held at prestigious TPC Sawgrass

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 Reporter Kwon Hoon = The American Professional Golf (PGA) Tour Qualifying School, which is revived after 11 years, will be held at TPC Sawgrass, where the ‘5th major’ Players Championship is held.

The US Golf Channel reported on the 2nd (Korean time) that TPC Sawgrass and nearby Sawgrass Country Club have been confirmed as the venue for the PGA Tour Qualifying School to be held at the end of the year.

The Golf Channel confirmed this by obtaining emails from Sawgrass Country Club to members. 먹튀검증

Located at the headquarters of the PGA Tour in Pontevedra Beach, Florida, TPC Sawgrass was built by the PGA Tour in 1980 as a professional tour course and is a prestigious golf course that hosts the Players Championship every year.

The PGA Tour abolished the Qualifying School at the end of 2012 and changed the path to the PGA Tour to the Korn Ferry Tour, a second-tier tour.

Detailed guidelines such as the schedule of the qualifying school have not yet been finalized, but it is known that some courses at nearby Sawgrass Country Club are not enough for 170 participating players to compete at once.

In an email to members, Sawgrass Country Club explained, “The 18-hole course will be closed for about six days in December. However, the remaining nine holes will remain open. The PGA Tour will pay enough rent.”

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