‘Shock’ Manchester City over 100 FFP violation charges

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Reporter Kim Dong-ho = Manchester City’s allegations of financial fair play (FFP) violations are being revealed one after another.

Recently, the Premier League Secretariat prosecuted Manchester City for violating the FFP through its own fact-finding investigation. They said Manchester City violated the FFP several times from 2009 to the 2017-18 season.

FFP is a system created by the European Football Federation (UEFA). It is a rule that the club’s transfer fee or annual salary should not account for more than a certain amount of the club’s revenue. It was created to improve the financial health of clubs and prevent ruin due to excessive competition. 안전놀이터

However, Man City is run by the United Arab Emirates oil tycoon represented by Mansour. Since the owner, the Abu Dhabi royal family, cannot invest directly, he is suspected of giving Man City a huge budget by bypassing it using a sister company. Originally, the club had to attract external sponsors to make operating funds.

Thanks to this, Man City has emerged as a powerhouse in the Premier League through huge investments since Mansour took over the team in 2008. So far, it has won the Premier League 6 times, and if the disciplinary action is confirmed for violating the FFP, there are voices that the championship trophy should be taken away at this time.

‘The Times’ reported that “Man City has more than 100 FFP violations,” and “if these are actually confirmed, disciplinary actions such as fines, point reduction, and deprivation of the championship may be imposed.” However, there is also a view that it may take up to four years to actually confirm Man City’s violation, so a long fight is expected.

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