The difference between ‘nagging’ and ‘advice’ spoken by Kim Ho-nam, captain of Bucheon

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Bucheon FC 1995 captain Ho-Nam Kim explained how he plays the role of captain.

On the 20th, Hana One Q K League 2 2023 Opening Media Day was held at The-K Hotel in Seocho-gu, Seoul. Managers and representative players from 13 K-League 2 clubs attended and expressed their determination for the new season in front of fans.

Kim Ho-nam will lead the team as captain this season. Kim Ho-nam’s leadership style is to lead players with actions rather than words. Kim Ho-nam, who met with reporters in an interview before the main event, said, “I don’t say ‘Have fun’ or ‘Work hard’. If I just have fun and work hard, the players will follow me. When it comes to the type of leader, he leads from the front rather than giving instructions from behind.” explained.

I do not hastily give advice to my juniors because I am a captain or a senior. However, he conveys his experience with all his heart and soul to players who want to listen. “I don’t talk first. It’s nagging when the other person isn’t ready to listen. On the other hand, when they ask me a question, I tell them a story. Asking a question means I’m ready to listen. What I say then is advice. I accept it,” he said, expressing his principle. Next is Kim Ho-nam’s interview Q&A

With one week left before the start of the season, what are you most concerned about at the end of the preparation for the season?

The opening game has a lot of variables. Morale may have a greater impact on the outcome than tactics. The focus is on raising the morale and atmosphere of the players.

You must be responsible for taking on the claim.

It’s not difficult. I don’t say ‘have fun’ or ‘work hard’. If I just have fun and work hard, the players will follow suit. In terms of the type of leader, it is a way of leading from the front rather than directing from behind. When the coach left the captaincy, he handed over the authority to appoint a vice-captain. He formed a captain’s team with players who could create synergies. I am creating a positive team atmosphere with Kim Jun-hyung and Lee Joo-hyun.

As Kim Jun-hyung took on the role of vice-captain, he said he would show a slightly more serious side, but as soon as he

wakes up in the morning, he is ‘tension at 7 o’clock in the evening’. That’s about all he said about adjusting. Junhyung’s values ​​and direction match well. We share a lot of stories because we have a lot in common. Both of us like books, so we talk about books, and we talk a lot about soccer. There are some worries I had when I was Junhyung’s age. In particular, Junhyung is about to enlist in the military, and when his skills are in full bloom, there is stress from having to solve military problems. I give advice on how to manage that stress and how to try not to drag it to the playground. There is a claim or principle 먹튀검증

that tells a lot of stories to juniors .

I’m not talking first. Nagging is nagging when the other person isn’t ready to listen. If you ask me a question, I will tell you. Asking questions means being ready to listen. Then take it as advice. Then I do everything I can.

A few new players joined. If there are players to look forward to,

Song Jin-gyu and Lee Jung-bin are expected. Also, there are three rookies who joined last year. It has grown tremendously in one year. You might want to pay attention. (Director Lee Young-min said he had a secret weapon)I couldn’t communicate with the director beforehand (laughs). I won’t tell you who it is because you may have different opinions from the director. If ‘that player’ I think is correct, he is a player with a flash. Even among players who work hard, there are players who display exceptional skills. That’s what ‘the player’ is. I also told ‘that player’, ‘You have something I don’t have, so you will become a much bigger player than me’. I think the coach probably thought of the same player. The eyes that see are similar.

I had a taste of the playoffs last year, and

there is a story I told the players. It doesn’t matter if you go to the playoffs or what place you finish. The ‘bowl’ is important. When his bowl is filled, he is not anxious in the playoffs. Last year, I felt that the players were uneasy. The 4th place indicator proves our skills. You shouldn’t be anxious about it. This year, I said, “Let’s have enough skills to not be anxious even if such a situation comes.”

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