Thirsty for learning, post Oh Seung-hwan transforms into a sponge mode after enlisting as managing director

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Samsung Lions pitcher Kim Yoon-soo (24), who passed the Sangmu baseball team, said goodbye ahead of his enlistment on the 16th. 

Kim Yun-soo, who joined Samsung in 2018 after graduating from Bukil High School, raised expectations as a ‘post Oh Seung-hwan’ by throwing a 156 km fastball. He appeared in 123 first-team career games, going 7-9 with 16 holds. His earned run average was 5.31. He won 12 holds in 2020, setting the record for the most in a single individual season. 

On the afternoon of the 12th, Kim Yoon-soo, who got a phone call from the reporter, said, “I’m living in Daejeon these days. I have only a few days left. I can feel that I’m going to the military. I think it would be awkward to have short hair.” 

Kim Yun-soo, who has been playing as a relief pitcher ever since his professional debut, expressed his desire to challenge himself as a starting pitcher in Sangmu. He said, “If I get a chance, I want to play as a starter. It will not be easy to play as a starter from the beginning because the existing starting lineup is set, but I have a strong desire to play as a starter.” 

On the 1st of last month, Kim Yoon-soo and Park Seung-gyu (outfielders), who were included in the list of successful candidates for the Sangmu Baseball Team, will enlist on the 16th, and Lee Jae-hee, Park Ju-hyuk (Lee Sang-sang pitcher), and Lee Hae-seung (infielder) will enlist on May 8. Kim Yun-soo said, “I’m so happy to enlist in January. I think the timing is very good. The weather is cold, but I think it’s better to enlist as soon as possible.” 

Choi Chae-heung, Choi Ji-gwang, Lee Seung-min (Lee Sang-yi pitcher), Kim Do-hwan (catcher), and other teammates who played together during the Samsung days are eagerly awaiting Kim Yun-soo’s enlistment. He joked, “I’ve heard rumors that everyone expects me to harass them in some way when I enlist.”  바카라

It can be a good opportunity to learn strengths as much as you are with players from other clubs in Sangmu. Kim Yun-soo said, “I plan to ask SSG Yo-han Jo, who is considered the best fireballer in the league, how he feels while playing catch and exercising. There are many outstanding pitchers as well as Yo-han Cho, so I want to talk about the pitching mechanism.” 

Kim Yun-soo also said, “I want to get close to the weightlifters. Due to the nature of the sport, I use strength very well. I want to learn how to use that strength and how to lift heavy weights without getting hurt. Learning the know-how of weightlifters and working hard will help me a lot. “he added. 

When asked what he wanted to come back to, he replied, “I’m often sick, and I had a good balance at the beginning of the season, but I couldn’t maintain it for a long time. My goal is to go to Commerce and prepare hard and show a different look after being discharged.” . 

Starting this year, how would you feel if you wore a Sangmu uniform and faced Samsung colleagues? He said with strength, “I think Samsung seniors and juniors will throw a lot of jokes when I go to the mound.

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