Ulsan, Rubik’s hand, which was too expensive, was born after a year… Expectations for the Swedish duo ↑

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Ulsan Hyundai has succeeded in signing a Swedish striker that they gave up a year ago because of the high transfer fee. Expectations are also growing for the Swedish duo who will be responsible for Ulsan’s midfield and attack this season.

Ulsan announced on the 5th that “Swedish long-term striker Gustav Rubiksson (30) has worn the Ulsan uniform.” Rubiksson said, “I took on a new challenge while taking a break from my long journey in Sweden.” “I know what is expected of me. I will show good soccer in Korea,” he said. Ulsan, which lost Bakko (30, Georgia) and Martin Adam (29, Hungary) and recruited Esaka Ataru (31, Japan) and Daryan Boyanich (29, Sweden), added Rubik’s hand to become a powerful foreign player. Jinyong was built.

Rubik’s hand is a versatile attacking resource that can run both in the forefront and on the flanks. He is a player who has grown up step by step from the lower league of Swedish professional football 메이저놀이터. Starting from 7th division Oernike IF in 2011, he went through 5th and 2nd divisions before moving to Hammarby, a popular club in Sweden ahead of the 2020 season. He scored 31 goals and 19 assists in 88 matches over three seasons at Hammarby. Although he has no record of participating in A matches yet, he has become a player to be noticed by the national team.

Ulsan tried to recruit Rubikson a year ago, but failed due to the high transfer fee of well over $1 million. Afterwards, Rubikson re-signed with Hammarby, which was a boon for Ulsan as a result. At the time, Rubikson inserted a transfer allowance (buyout) clause into the contract with Hammarby, and it is known that it was half of the amount requested from Ulsan a year ago. The current market value of Rubik’s Son, evaluated by Transfermarkt, a transfer media outlet, is 1.5 million euros (about 2 billion won).

Rubiksson is also expected to show good chemistry with midfielder Boyanic, who was previously recruited. Rubiksson and Boyanić led the team together as captains of Hammarby until last year. If Boyanich stabs a pass in the center, you can draw a scene where Rubik’s hand penetrates and finishes. Boyanich joined the clubhouse on the 3rd and Rubikson on the 4th and started living in Ulsan.

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